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3 10 2011

According to HubSpot  a massive 75% of the responded blogers, class a blog as being useful followed with 31% who voted it as being critical for their business. [1] External Blogs can assist most companies with increasing consumer knowledge about the product as well as sales, ratings, and offers. Internal blogs are only visible from inside the company and assist in employee engagement as well as knowledge of tasks going on around them in the workforce.

“…A blog is used among many people of the world as a social tool and way of expressing yourself …”

Everyone knows what a blog is but some people are confused as to what this new term microblogging means. It is simple, microblogging is a web 2.0 technology just like general blogging but is typically smaller. It can “allow users to exchange small elements of content such as short sentences, individual images, or video links” [2]

As briefly described early corporate blogging can be depicted in two ways. Internal and external:

Internal –

  • Executive communication – informal
  • Project management – improve communications on projects rss updates, discussion on timely issues
  • Competitive intelligence – well suited when combined with wikis to provide updates on gleaned information, rate updates
  • Expertise sharing – share latest news, insights and developments in specific feilds, visibility for subject matter experts, location of expertise
  • Internal communication – can be used as a portal for updates news, etc.

Internal corporate blogs should incorporate all employees so everyone is updated on other employees stages of work. It is hard to show examples of these due to  internal blogs usually only being accessible within the company.

Although one example that is available to the public is IBM’s corporate blogs: [3]

–News or events that affect the business: “When IBM sold the personal computing division rumours were flying around before it actually happened and people were blogging about that, giving their opinions about what was going to happen and how it would affect IBM.”
–Metablogging: “It’s a new technology of special interest to people who blog.”
–Administrative things: “The little changes going on in the company — the water-cooler talk.”
–Product announcements: “Not necessarily of general interest but of interest to the specific community working with the product.”
–Hints and tips: “…for example about what bloggers have found interesting on the intranet.”

External –

The advantages of external blogging include:

  • The company can view what is being said about them and give their pointr of view.
  • Viral marketing – Self propagation of your marketing message, leading to exponential growth.
  • Information – Consumers look to the internet for advice and talk about what they like and dislike. This gives the company a chance to give their side or embrace the community support.
  • Allows customers to invite more customers in

Two great examples of these include Telstra and Telstra use their blog to communicate with customers and shareholders giving them updates with new products and deals hitting the market whereas use the blog as a means of advertising the latest deals.


Who are they?

The Australian Geoscience Council Incorporated (AGC) is the organising body responsible for the 34th International Geological Congress. The AGC is the Council of Presidents of the major Australian geoscientific societies and is the peak representative body for the 7000 geoscientists in Australia.

Aims and objectives of the company?

– Wider international research collaboration

– More interaction

– Increased exploration

The challenges preventing this from happening?

– World wide company therefore competing time zones and limited communication

– How to make more people aware of the event and bring in a larger crowd.

The use of simple blogging and micro blogging technologies can be useful to address these problems shown above. It will help the communication between people and provide information for upcoming events. Also meeting summaries can keep the public and members up to date with what is happening within the organisation.

Extra References:


[2] Kaplan Andreas M., Haenlein Michael (2011) The early bird catches the news: Nine things you should know about micro-blogging, Business Horizons, 54(2).


Useful Blog Statistics

Blogging in Enterprise – Video




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