Wiki Strategy – IGC

14 10 2011

The consumer technologies discussed throughout my blog so far such as social media and bloging form the foundation of how the world and businesses rely on web 2.0 technologies. It is transforming how we communicate and work.

Wiki’s are web 2.0 technologies and are used quite similarly to blogs. Before I discuss the in depth use of wiki’s I will first clarify the basics of a wiki difference between the two. For starters what exactly is a wiki? A wiki is a piece of server software that allows its users to create and edit data via a web browser. It is a real time tool therefore can be used as a means of collaboration. It is unique with group communication mechanisms in that is allows the contributions to be edited in addition to the content itself.

Although wiki’s and blogs are both quite easy to implement and manage there are some major differences. These include:

  • Blogs are user controlled, internet readers have access to this media but are unable to edit or in some cases even comment.
  • Wiki is open and does not suppress any users input.
  • Wiki can be commented and content can be edited.
  • Wiki does not have to be reverse chronological order, whereas a blog does.

Wiki’s have grown largely over the past few years, so much in fact that finding information about them is hard as every search with the term wiki brings up thousands of online wiki’s available to us online users.

“…internal, about 30 per cent of its 3000-odd employees have started creating their own wikis and blog pages on the ABS’s intranet….” [1]

This technology has the potential to transform how IGC (International Geological Congress) members come together within the organisation and address their company wide objectives.

The Strategy – What it will do for IGC

  • Can be used as a source of communication
  • Allows users from all around the world to collaborate and edit one another’s work and ideas
  • Keep members up to date with the current challenging topic
  • Easy to use therefore keeping users engaged with work
  • Keep the wiki interesting to keep outsiders interested in the conference

Challenges that may arise?

  • Information being lost due to such relaxation of editing rules.
  • Repeated information
  • Too much posted on one topic

What can be done?

  • To battle these issues a simple “terms of use” can be implemented laying down a quick set of rules for all members to follow.
  • A moderator to manage all information and filter through junk or repeated topics.
  • Backups to limit loss of data.

I believe that the use of a Wiki within almost any organisation will be beneficial and I have breifly outlined how I believe it could work with IGC. Even though there were some issues there was simple and manageable fixes for all of these.






2 responses

17 10 2011

Great content! I really liked the layout and it was really simple and easy to read. Bullet points for the strategies were great and being concise and to the point is a great trait to have. Choosing to implement a wiki is a fantastic idea and I think that by having the issues and solutions allows for the readers to fully understand the implications that could occur.

17 10 2011

Good work mate…
Using bullet points to show the strategies are good methods and one way of attracting readers into the blog page..


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