What Makes a Blog a “BLOG”

12 08 2011

Hey Everyone so I have decided to start a Blog, but some of you may be asking yourselves what exactly is a blog and how to make a blog successful!

You can picture a blog as being:

  • a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data, arranged chronologically
  • a journal to express beliefs and ideas
  • a place for networking and web 2.0 presence
  • Allows commenting by readers to share their personal oppinion on the subject
  • does not have to be factual.

A blog is used among many of the world as a social tool and way of expressing yourself and has grown quite large over the past few years.

How to make a successful blog?

You can write a whole book on this question and stil not do it justice but to put it simple a blog needs a few of the following characteristics shown in the clip below:

First we have to think about why people blog to be able to blog efficiently. Some of these reason include:

  • Self Expression
  • Writing to think
  • Writing to share
  • Writing to record and store for retrieval
  • Building a reputation

To write a blog you need to show positive energy and show the readers that you are blogging for a reason. Through this you are showing them your passion for the topic. Another important factor is commenting. Commenting is important as it grows your online reputation and allows readers to share their opinion and help grow your knowledge.

Closely linked to this is advertisement of your blog and getting it out there in the World Wide Web. This can be through many ways:

Twitter (or other social media schemes) – Twitter can be used to advertise your blog on the net and give the world a little introduction of what you have to say. The bigger you build your network on social networking the bigger you build your client base for your blog.

Comments – Comments can be used in two ways. The more comments you receive the larger your blog population will grow. Also the more comments and input you give into the blog society the more your online pressence will be seen.


Welcome to my Blog

12 08 2011

Hello World,

My name is Jesse Pehrson and i am a current student at The Queensland University of Technology, studying my second year of Information Technology. I also keep myself busy working in Corporate IT managing networks and computers. I was born in Brisbane and have been here my whole life and love every minute of it. I look forward to pursuing my future in IT aiming at majoring in large system Networking.