Social Network Strategy – IGC

17 10 2011

Social networking has grown vastly in size over the past few years. Although we see it as just an every day tool that we rely for someone who is new to the term it can be quite confronting. The open ended nature of social networking can be described using an example like high school. A student may have quite a few friends within the school who also have other friends. The chain goes on and this is how you create a social network. Social networking websites such as facebook use this idea with web based technologies that allow users to add friends and interact with one another.

A new upbringing is the use of social media within the enterprise. Companies all around the world are using these technologies for internal and external communication.

“Asked to rate the effectiveness of specific social media sites in their marketing efforts, more than half the respondents said that facebook was extremely or somewhat effective…” [1]

Internal Benefits-

  • Engagement – The use of social media within the workforce will engage employees with there tasks and computers helping with more production of work
  • Communication – Almost all social networking sites have a chat bar which will help employees contact one another on a medium that may be more enjoyable than the usual email.

External Benefits-

  • Advertising- Open source of advertising giving large potentials to company’s waning to get their name out
  • Viral Growth- Social networking grows rapidly so once the chain reaction begins the opportunity available for advertising and brand making.
  • Communication- Allows communication with public member for reviews and customer feedback.

Strategy 1 – Advertise

Advertising is an important aspect with Social networking websites such as Facebook. you can promote who you are as a business through the use of viral marketing and show the public what is is that you are offering. IGC can use this technology to promote the conference and give a list of upcoming dates.

Strategy 2 – Interesting Content

Content on the social networking website has to be kept interesting to keep people interacting with your page. This can be done through the use of keeping information modern and filtering any junk that is on the page. Use of pictures and easy to read post will also help with this.

Strategy 3 – Build Community

Social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter allow the user or in this case organisation to send friend requests to other people within the network. By the use of viral growth a simple few friends can turn into a large community supporting your page and the content involved. For IGC to accomplish this successfully it would need to aim for it target audience and kick start the chain reaction of the community.

Strategy 4 – Engage Community.

Engaging the community is one of the most challanging tasks with social networking. It is reletivly easy to build a community but to keep the users engaged is a more challenging task.This can be accomplished through the use of engaging media on the organisations page such as surveys and questions regarding to the IGC. For example a question could be brought up about topics for the next meeting.

As can be seen by the above I strongly agree that the push of social media and web 2,o tools will increase company;s involvement with the public and help them grow as a community.